Running for re-election!

As the board member with actual teaching experience in Seattle schools, I know we are making significant headway against the enormous challenges in Seattle Schools: We’re seeing outstanding test results with the new Common Core standards, increased engagement of school principals in district decision-making, more equitable resource allocation to all schools to help close the opportunity gap, improved Special Education services resulting in SPS’s removal from the Federal Watch List, earlier hiring of teachers, and a continued high bond rating.

These three elements are key to improving outcomes for all of our students:

  • Authentic community engagement
  • Improving practices in education
  • Working together against racism and systematic oppression in education


Every student has a deep sense of belonging and security
Education that inspires and challenges each student
Each school is the heart of its surrounding community

My priorities looking ahead:

  • Adopt explicit math texts for middle school
    (Field tests planned for Spring, 2016)
  • Provide teachers with ample resources, and appropriate professional learning
  • Close the opportunity gap
  • Provide ample classrooms for growing enrollment
    (Update on 10 construction projects: Sept. 2015)
  • Make district information easily accessible to all
  • End unnecessary standardized testing – Teachers, parents, and students must be consulted by the legislature and the district in determining the purpose and uses of standardized tests.
  • Continue to foster collaboration between Board, central office staff, teachers, parents, and building leaders

We’re making real progress, and there is much to do!

I will maintain continuity and positive momentum on the Board

Background and experience:

Seattle math teacher, 10 years in SPS
Skilled facilitator in bringing together inclusive groups
Board Director and leader since 2011

I will continue to bring progressive change in:

  • bringing teachers, parents, community together to support our students
  • reaching out to community members for guidance in policy development
  • overseeing continuous improvement in the district’s finance, operations, human resources, as well as teaching and learning
  • facilitating the transition of three new members onto the Board


    In the past four years I have:
  • played a key role in adopting a leading-edge K-5 math curriculum
  • collaborated with district staff to ensure implementation of the new math curriculum
  • supported a district-wide intervention system that identifies and supports struggling learners before they fall behind
  • supported hiring Dr. Larry Nyland, a distinguished education leader, as our Superintendent
  • By listening and cultivating trusting relationships, I have helped shift the Board culture to one of greater collaboration and thus, more efficient functioning.

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Good things are happening in Seattle Public Schools; we must keep up the pace!